Four4ty Artist Production
Recording Studio Examples

Gavin Ackerly – Girl From My Street

Graffiti Sea – Default

Jarred Doueal – Waves and My Debates

Gavin Ackerly – Time

Drongoz – Neighbourhood

Lindsey Bowtell – Winter Cold

John Cronin – The Old Man’s Home

Vereya – Fly Away

Gavin Ackerly – Sleeping Dogs

John Cronin – Angels Overhead

Matthew Bradford – Count Me In

Gavin Ackerly – This Beautiful Fire

Amie Grisold – Something Purple

Sunburst – Sattwa Arising

Lindsey Bowtell – Blue Couch

The Rollercanes – Just Another No One

Jarred Doueal – Around Corners

John Cronin – Eason’s Clock

Static Colours – Her Web’s An Empire

Bottlecaps – Space Cadet

Gavin Ackerly – Little Star

Jarrod Casperz – Nobody Save Me

Caity Fowler – All My Light

idée fixe – Click The Fingers…Go

Andy Lacy – Be Mine

Jarred Doueal – Someone Said it, but they wont admit.

Four4ty Recording Studio offers all artists the opportunity to create a Professional project without breaking their budget. You will not find a more affordable recording studio in Melbourne that produces such High Quality Sounds. Depending on the project, rates can vary so please don’t hesitate to call for a price to suit your needs. No project is too big or small..