Jarred Doueal is a multi instrumentalist and composer/engineer for artists, film, television, animation and media. He is extremely eclectic in his musical abilities with a background in Classical and Jazz Guitar. Jarred also plays Piano, Bass, Drums and Banjo. He began experimenting with a four track tape recorder at an early age, which jump started his passion for recording, and producing music and inspired the greater part of his adult life.

For the past 17 years, Jarred has recorded, composed and toured with bands “Savannah” and later with “Idee fixe”. Both projects received national air play and shared stages with the likes of Epicure, Something for Kate, Speedstar, Killing Heidi, The Devoted Few and many more. More recently, Jarred embarked on a tour to Europe in Support of John Cronin’s Album “Back Home To You” which was recorded, produced and mixed at Four4ty. He has produced, recorded and mixed many Albums, EP’s and singles. Jarred is about to release a new solo album “Messages For Me” He also works regularly in Outside Broadcast and audio production for radio.